This is the tale of an author; who having struggled with writers block for some time finds relief by stealing the brain of Walter Berry, an accomplished author, and syphoning off the thoughts of Walters’ life from the brain he keeps in his freezer. He uses these snippets of Walters' life to construct a work of fiction and as he finds out more about Walter and his family he starts to see how closely his own life is starting to mirror Walters tragic story.

The characters make this story and Rubens' use of the ficticious tale of Walter and the real Walters past mixing to confuse the truth in the mind of the main character allow the reader space to accept the notion of sucking the thoughts from another persons mind. The gentle approach, kissing and caressing of the brain show a deep attachment to the great writer Walter Berry but with the other disturbing subjects brought up in this book, make the main character look just a little nuts, even though you could argue he is the most sensible of the lot.

I enjoyed this book and give it seven flaming skulls

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Not so sure I like the idea of someone sucking out thoughts then kissing and caressing someones brain! but it does sound an interesting read!!!



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