I'm not going spoil the previous two novels in this thrilling trilogy, so it is suffice to say our main character (The Night Angel of the series) is again drawn into battle an almost insurmountable foe. The depth of this novel brings so many story arcs together it is almost like breath taking. Brent Weeks has masterfully completed the trilogy - almost as if he had (and probably has) written the series as one massive book.

Characters in the books are familiar to us now and although somewhat sketchy in places very well fleshed out. This novel also has twists and turns and revelations that are unexpected but add depth to romance and adventure in the one book.

The package comes to a neat conclusion, but I'm sure we are in for more adventures from this author, and the main character now has "immortality" to allow him to be a lead in adventures in the future.

Definitely well worth the effort to read all 3 books in succession, and the fact they were all released at once really made for an enjoyable encounter at Christmas. It is not often you get the chance to read a trilogy as it is meant to be read.

Well done - I'll give this a 4 out of 5 and for the series a 4.5 out of 5.

Enjoy ...

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