Boneshaker by Cherie Priest


This one has been classified as Horror at Mosman Library as it contains zombies, but I think it is more of a cyberpunk fantasy.


Set in the American civil war "yet seemingly in the future" (family guy, chuckle, Greg Louganis) this is the story of Zeke whose father Leviticus Blue destroys Seattle by 'accidently' releasing a toxic gas that turns people into zombies.


Zeke ventures into zombie land to try and prove his dead fathers innocence but all is not as it seems and only the strange Dr.Minericht holds the answers...

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Mosman library based on your review have changed the classification of the book.
This book has been nominated in the Best Novel Category in the Hugo Awards 2010.These are the premier awards for science fiction and fantasy writing which began in the early 1950s.

I believe the correct term to describe this book is "Steampunk", which is growing in popularity with new books such as the crossover Parasol Protecterate series by Gail Carriger. Another indication is the move of Urban Fantasy writer Devon Monk into the steampunk genre with the release of Dead Iron this year.

I finally read this book as we were focussing on the steampunk genre at my March Book Club meeting. It is an interesting take on the steampunk genre but not enough about the machines for my liking.



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