Cloud Atlas  is a series of six stories that takes the reader from the remote South Pacific in the 1850's to a distant post - apocalyptic future and then all the way back again.

I actually listened to it as an audio book with different sound effects, accents and in some cases different languages which all added to the amazing images covering periods of hundreds of years. The skill of Mitchell to be able to conjure up these different stories and then to link these stories from different periods in time is so astounding that at times it can be confusing and take away from the enjoyment of the read.

The futuristic sections were challenging especially the post-apocalyptic distant future featuring Zachary in Hawaii, however the challenges of the more immediate future in 'An Orison of Sonmi- 451' were less so and the creation of the  language of this section was inventive. Not being a fan of futuristic reads I found  solace in Adam Ewing on board ship in the 1850's and Robert Frobisher a musician in 1930's Belgium. Shades of Le Carre were present with investigator Louisa Rey in the 1980's and ' laugh out loud' with post 9/11 publisher Robert Cavendish and his escapades in and out of the nursing home appealing enough to get me through the book.

Eventually the stories start going back and readers end where they started with Adam Ewing in the Pacific Ocean in the 1850's. Despite moments of enjoyment and marvel at the skill of Mitchell this home stretch was a relief and I look forward to the movie.

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