This is the 5th book in the "Twelve Houses" series but instead of like the first 4 books where they focused on each different character's magical ability this book is about the Rider Wen and her struggle to deal with the aftermath of the war and her guilt over her actions in failing to protect the king. It was a great book set in a fantastic world and I can't wait for the next in the series!

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very jealous you have read it. I can't wait to get my hands on it but they want 16 pounds for it and the library won't buy. The cambridge library system's idea of a fantasy collection is a joke and they will sometimes buy one book in a series and not the others. They never buy unless supplied by a british print house either so it limits the stuff they get. They have only just got the 'rangers apprentice' can you believe that, fooey I say. But in the mean time I just want. Ps though, loved the previous four books in this series as well as her angel series.
You've been telling me for years to read Sharon Shinn and I finally have! I'll have to wait for a gap in my reading list so i can read her Angel series - thanks for the fantastic author recommendation!
I really liked this series too! I thought they were borderline romancey, but still excellent. The internal struggle that Wen was dealing with throughout the book was depicted magnificently. Will there be another one - That is the question! Has anyone read When Winter Comes?
Who wrote 'When winter comes'? I just checked but there doesn't seem to be another Twelve Houses book in the works but Sharon has written a brand new book called 'Troubled waters' which we will order soon! Yay!
Its a short story by Sharon, in a compilation called "The Queen in Winter". It sounds like it may be Twelve House related, but im not sure! Im hanging out for troubled waters! :)



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