I love a good thriller and I have to say I was engaged immediately by this book. The story is told through the eyes of a married couple and we are given  each partners perspective in alternative chapters, which I really liked. Nick and Amy are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversay when Amy vanishes under suspicious circumstances. It becomes quickly apparent that Nick and Amy's marriage was struggling long before Amy's disappearance so it is fairly predictable that Nick will be the prime suspect. But there are many twists and turns to be had making this a pretty good thriller, especially the first half which builds the suspense beautifully. Unfortunately the second half took a bit a dive for me and I just found myself irritated with the stereotyped nature of the characters and a little bit frustrated with the slow pace. I also found the ending highly inconceivable and really annoying but of course I won't spoil it for anyone by discussing why I thought so! Having said that this is still a good read and I wouldn't rule out reading Gillian Flynn's previous novels Sharp objects and Dark places.


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