Carrying on the "grunge" theme..
I had been meaning to read this book for years, and friends had recommended it.
I recommend it as a dissuasion to any-one who is considering VOLUNTARILY moving into share accomodation. i.e DONT. .a book has already been written on the subject so there are no reasons to even consider it.. .even as a social experiment. and if you dont beleive me Read
He died with a falafel in hids hand By John Birmingham.

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It was too late for me for your advice. I had already been in too many share houses like this before I read the book. So I enjoyed it because it brought back many memories and made me realise how glad I am that my life has moved on. I can look back now on the many odd characters (some I still see lurking around Palm Beach ) I shared living quarters and late night falafels with with a dreamy fondness!



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