I do not usually enjoy fiction, but I could not put "Hunting And Gathering " down.  A fascinating book, set in modern day Paris, about relationships.  Beautifully written, funny at times, poignant. Great.

Below is part of a review by Diane Leach -


Twenty-six year old Camille Fauque works on a night cleaning crew. Home is a maid's room in an ancient apartment building. This seventh floor studio is miniscule, unheated, crumbling. The lavatory is “Turkish”: a shared squat toilet topped by a showerhead. To wash, Camille pushes a grate over the toilet. At five feet, nine inches, she weighs 105 pounds and is dedicated less to anorexia than eradicating her existence. Her life is comprised of working, smoking and avoiding her mother's phone calls. A terrible past -- the only true tension in the story -- is intimated and gradually revealed.

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I started reading "Hunting and Gathering" on the week-end and could not put it down. It is so easy to read, and such clever, poignant story-telling, that I just wanted to keep on reading and find out more about the interesting mix of characters living in a Parisian apartment. I really began to care about these people and their lives. Can't wait to get back to it!.



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