This is a quick read that I thought was over too soon but when you consider the story, it couldn't have gone on any longer than it did. It the story of 14 year old Lorenzo, who gets to know his lots older half sister, Olivia, during the course of a week when they both inhabit the same cellar under their father's apartment building. Lorenzo has prentended to his mother that he is on a ski trip with friends and is excited about spending the week alone playing computer games and reading Stephen King novels. When Olivia arrives feigning illness and homelessness he resents the fact that she has invaded his space but during the course of the week, they form and emotional alliance and what unfolds is a bitter sweet story a brother and sister that have gotten to know each other too late.

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This novel (novella really) sadly seemed to be over before it had even begun. I though it was great though and would recommend any Nicollo Ammaniti book. He has a brilliant, engaging writing style and his books have a sense of realism about them which I put down to very well developed and interesting characters.



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