Having read about the history of the Morman Church and plural marriages in Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven I chose this book from the NextReads General Fiction newsletter as it sounded interesting. The parallel stories of two 19th wives one, Ann Eliza Young the 19th wife of Brigham Young the second prophet of the Mormans who successfully led them to settle in Utah and the other the 19th wife of a man involved in a fundamentalist breakaway sect of the Mormans who still practice plural marraige to the present day, who has been accused of his murder. The story of Ann Eliza Young is interesting as it is a fictional historical account of her successful fight to outlaw plural marriages in the United States during the late 1890s after she divorces Brigham Young. Both narratives draw attention to the plight of women and children involved in plural marriages and shines a light fundamentalism and the fight for religious freedom that is so much a part of American culture.

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Have you ever watched Big Love (television series). I am pretty sure that you can rent it on DVD. Very clever, interesting and funny, draws attention to similar thoughts and questions as you have mentioned. Was The 19th Wife a good read though?
No I haven't seen Big Love. I will keep my eye out for it thanks for the recommendation.Yes The 19th Wife was a very good read. I would recommend it.



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