I came across this classic one day and had that, 'why have I not read this' moment.

The Good Earth was first published in 1931 and tells the story of Wang Lung and O-lan as they grow in their lives together in China durning during the reign of the last Emperor and the changes that the twentieth century bring to this ancient culture.

A classic read. I really enjoyed reading about the China and how different things were back then. Some parts were frustrating for me...when it came to how the women were treated...
But all in all it was worth while.

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I really enjoyed this book too. I read it when I was about 15 many years ago, it was recommended to me by my mother and had a great impact on me. I found it facinating reading about the way families lived in a communal way what a harsh life they led and gave me an abiding interest in China.
You might like to read some of Amy Tan's books they explore the themes of Chinese women and families.



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