I often find that Australian novels dwell on long descriptions of boring inactivity - all in beautiful prose. This novel is not dissimilar. London's prose is beautiful and not much happens, yet this book is really engaging. Set in Melbourne, the story revolves around Maya, who has moved there from country Western Australia to begin her adult life. When her parents arrive to visit, she is not there and in the long hours of searching and waiting for her to return, they reflect on their lives.There is something quite dark happening - Maya's behavior is impulsive and she is vulnerable. Her boss is older and sinister in persuading her to become dependent upon him and there is always a sense that things won't turn out well.
London explores the theme of 'disappearing' from the cast of characters in Maya's life. Each character has their own 'disappearing' story. She also examines the role of parenting and that transition between parent of a dependent child and parenting a non-dependent child. Maya's parents emerge from this experience looking to the future.

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