Although I regularly rant against the Internet and all things digital on my personal blog, True Archives, I am often forced to admit there are many good things about this modern age of digital possibilities.  One of them is the option of self publishing for authors who have a good story to tell but have not been able to convince a conventional publisher of that fact.  Paul Schullery, who is a good friend of mine and the Scholar in Residence at the Montana State University Library is no stranger to success in conventional publishing.  He has written dozens of books on Yellowstone National Park, trout angling, and history, but he always had a secret desire to put out some science fiction.  A publish on demand website has given him his chance, and this book, a carefully crafted sequel to H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, is the delightful result.  Paul has carefully copied Wells' literary style and presented a story that takes up after the original novel finished.  The description is delightful, and the plot a very surprising one that I was certainly not expecting.

Apparently there is an entire literary genre for people to write sequels of classic novels and some succeed better than others.  I highly recommend this attempt for anyone who loves The Time Machine and can keep an open mind.  There, I have said enough without spoiling the ending for you!

You can order your own copy from Paul's website, or even better, demand that the good folks at the Mosman Library get a copy for the circulating collection.  It is that good.

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