Torkyn Gynt, a young scribe with hidden magics, must assemble the Trinity and stop the destruction of the world by facing the evil God Orlack who is bent on revenge and destruction. However, he has no idea what the Trinity is or how he is meant to find or use it. Gynt is taught magic and healing by Merkhud, the royal healer, who seems to know more about Orlack and the Trinity than he is letting on. There are many twists and turns in this series which keeps you guessing until the end.


McIntosh has created some vivid characters and interesting relationships between them, as well as re-inventing mind communication, called a "link". It took a while to get my head around the characters and who they all were, but it made sense once it all settled in.


I was dissapointed with the final battle. It seemed as though each book was laying foundations for an intense struggle at the end, and it only lasts about a page and a half. But apart from that, they were a great read.

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