This is an intriguing AutoBiography into the life of Canadian Actor William Shatner with an acting career spanning more than five decades (you know him by his many TV outings - James Kirk (in Star Trek), TJ Hooker, or most recently as Denny Crane (in Boston Legal)), and he appears to have had a great time doing it.

The book is not chronologic, but reveals the more important moments of his life and the interesting roles he has had. It is dramatic and romantic, traumatic and exilirating (it includes marriage troubles, tensions among the Star Trek cast and the alcoholism and accidental death of his third wife).

I found this biography to be enlightening and it told me a lot about the man behind the roles he plays (and played). There are interesting anecdotes from his early acting as a Shakesperean Actor in Canada, and I felt like a trusted family friend when reading it.

You may not necessarily like the man because of his roles, and choices in life, but this definitely opens you to the man and his emotions - and yes he can laugh at himself.

3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

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