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What we desire we shall never have

On these nights of low moon, people of a more unstable temperament began to do weird things. There was always a sleepwalker edging along the parapet of a skyscraper with his arms reaching toward the moon, or a werewolf starting to howl in the middle of Times Square, or a pyromaniac setting fire to the dock warehouses. By now these were common occurrences that no longer attracted the usual crowd of rubberneckers. But when I saw a girl sitting, completely naked, on a bench in Central… Continue

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London by the book

The Books in London map locates more than 400 books either set in, or about, the capital.

You'll find Absolute Beginners in Ladbroke Grove, Nick Hornby around Highbury and Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

The website also offers The Rough… Continue

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Library Value Calculator

An interesting library value calculator created by Denver Public Library.
I'm sure it's not exactly the same as it would be here in Australia, but it does make you think....
My value was $31.26.

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Put warning labels on books

...before I started reading, I was a rather subservient, slow little boy who never really did anything wrong, but never did much right either. Books inspired me to be very naughty indeed...

Alastair Harper is bemused at the prevailing attitude to reading - that it's a wholesome, anodyne activity that will uplift young illiterates who spend all day at myspace and… Continue

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"Found Jewish princess. Good-bye succulent pork."

The title of this post is one of Smith magazine's Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak. You can submit your own, or email someone else's as a Valentine's card.

The link came from NPR's Valentine's Day special that offers A Poetry Slam For Valentine's Day and… Continue

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Librarians may find the following blog post distressing

Brian Dettmer is an American artist who carves artworks out of books. He seals, then cuts into older dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, science and engineering books, art books, medical guides, history books, atlases, comic books, wallpaper sample books, and others, exposing select images and text to create intricate three-dimensional derivative works that reveal new or alternative… Continue

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