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New Look Public Libraries in the UK

Check out this article from the UK. Interesting to see UK libraries are starting to catch up with us!

Britain’s terminally dull libraries are looking more like Heathrow’s Terminal 5 courtesy of a nationwide transformation............…


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Yoko reads: Book recommendations by Yoko Ono

What's on Yoko Ono's book shelf?

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David Garcia - investigations on space and books

Archive I is a weight balance library,the readers chair is elevated in proportion to the amount of books in the…


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A lot of men, villages, dogs and the Norwegian for 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'

Corner shop

This is about what happens when rich, well-traveled, and well-educated children from a tiny Viking country covered in forest grow up and try to write fiction.

Into the Woods - a look at contemporary…

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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

Thirteen reasons why your love decided to comit suicide. Thirteen reasons why you should know about it. One of the thirteen reasons is because of you. Hannah commited suicide two weeks earlier and all she left was

tapes in a shoebox. Clay found the shoebox and he decided to listen, wanting to finish what he started and why Hannah Baker decided to take her own life.

Thirteen Reasons Why is the debut novel of Jay…


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What happens when you make words cheap and accessible to everyone

The Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting piece on How the Paperback Novel Changed Popular Literature.

Allen Lane stated that he “believed in the existence…of a vast reading public for intelligent books at a low price, and staked everything on it.”…

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