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For Australian readers: from BORDERS, Belinda Lawrence mysteries.

'The killer's motive for murder is not the normal quest for money or

power, but something more down to earth' Reviewed by Christine I




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Lost Man Booker Prize win by J G Farrell for The Troubles

There was no Booker prize awarded for the year 1970.

In 1971, just two years after it began, the Booker Prize ceased to be awarded retrospectively and became, as it is today, a prize for the best novel in the year of publication. At the same time, the date on which the award was given moved from April to November. As a result of these changes, there was whole year's gap when a wealth of fiction, published in1970, fell through the net. These books were simply never considered…


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Cloudstreet / by Tim Winton

This is another one of those books you describe with the hackneyed phrase, “I couldn’t put it down.” Although Cloudstreet and Tim Winton have been on the literary scene for some time now, this was my first introduction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cloudstreet follows the lives of two families, the Pickles and Lambs, as they share a dilapidated old mansion in postwar Perth. For the longest time I thought the oldest Pickles daughter, Rose, was the main character in the story, but as I… Continue

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Young to middle/older writers of the future.

I am myself, along with LOADS of others, have officially no lives throughout of the month of November, trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Yes, you may call us insane or stupid, if you know one of the writers who does this every November, you might want to get rid of them out of your lives. But this, my readers, is not for the fient hearted. This is for amature writers, some of whom, might do this as a platform to stardom to the world of writing books for you and my pleasure. This… Continue

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Books - the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom

Are books essential for culture and learning? Plato questioned the assumption.

Phaedrus contains an imaginary conversation between two Egyptian deities, Thamus, the chief god, and Theuth, a god of inventions. In the book, Theuth invents writing and…


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André Kertész: On Reading

André Kertész (1894-1985) was one of the most inventive, influential, and prolific photographers in the medium's history. This small volume On Reading, first published in 1971, became one of his signature works. Taken between 1920 and 1970, these photographs capture…


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Book Launch: The Story of Bungaree


Earle, Augustus, 1793-1838.

Portrait of Bungaree, a native of New South Wales, with Fort Macquarie, Sydney Harbour, in background [picture]

[ca. 1826] 1 painting : oil on canvas ; 68.5 x 50.5…


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What if everyone on Twitter read the same book at the same time and we formed one massive, international book club?

One Book, One Twitter (#1b1t) is an effort to get everyone on Twitter to read the same book this summer. Usually such “Big Read” programs are organized around geography. Seattle started the trend for collective reading in 1998 when zillions of Seattlites all read Russell Banks’ book, Sweet Hereafter. Chicago…


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NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2010 - People's Choice


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Moments in Time at Mosman

Sydney Morning Herald

Sat 29th December 1934

pg 8

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