Anne Frank's story is one of the most well known Holocaust story. It follows the life of Anne Frank during World War Two, Anne was a jew along with her family, hiding in the Secret Annexe from the Nazis, so they wouldn't be caught. The diary has started 12th June 1942 till 1st August 1944.

I first started reading Anne Frank's Diary last year and finished it quite recently. I knew her fate because Anne Frank was well known and I heard of her before. I was quite interested in the Holocaust especially the whole Hitler and the Jew side of things. When I was learning about Australia's contributions to WWII, I wasn't interested as much as when I learn about Hitler and his reigme and his treatment of Jews. When I was reading Anne Frank's diary, I could read over an hour without getting tired of it.

Anne Frank's Diary, was a 9/10 for me. It gets really entertaining and you want to go on and on with the book. But at the end, you could easily cry because of what happened. You feel the pain, you think that you could be there. Go ahead and read it.

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