Mosman Library offers eBooks from the EBL collection. Here’s how you can borrow an eBook and read it on your Kobo.

  1. If you haven’t already, register for the EBL eBook collection
  2. Access the EBL eBook collection with your library card number (e.g. X0400000000) and the 5 digit EBL password
  3. Do you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer? If not, install Digital Editions and sign up for an Adobe ID.
  4. Click “DOWNLOAD” on the EBL book page and you will receive a small file (called something like URLLink.acsm) on your desktop or in your download folder. Double-click that to open the book in Adobe Digital Editions.
  5. Choose ‘Library View’ and then drag your book to your Kobo. On your Kobo, you will find your eBook under “Documents” (as opposed to “Books”).

If you prefer pictures, these videos from Southern Cross University show how to install Adobe Digital Editions and move eBooks from your computer to your Kobo.

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