This debut thriller by audiologist S J Watson, who apparently wrote this book in between shifts at a London hospital, will keep you reading into the wee hours. Chrissie has an unusual form of amnesia which means that every memory she has formed during the day is wiped over night, so that when she wakes the next day she has forgotten once again who she is and what she does. Chrissie starts a diary as a way of keeping record of events during the day that she would otherwise forget and it is through doing this that she slowly begins to piece together the details of her lost life. It quickly becomes apparent that things are not what they seem and soon Chrissie finds herself unable to trust any of the people who are trying to help her, including her husband. 

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This was just so deliciously creepy, dont you think? From the very first pages you just know there is going to be some horrible revelation and an even more sinister twist and this book certainly doesn't disappoint. The whole time I was reading it I had a vague sense of unease and expectation over how it was all going to play out. This is another of those books that you just can't put down, even though it's precisely the sort of mind- bending book that you really shouldn't read into the wee hours of the night. Highly recommend. Get it here

Yes!!! Such a good read although I did think the very ending was a little naff (just a bit) but still good. Have you seen the film Memento with Guy Pierce??? If you haven't, see it!!

I found the main character, Chrissie to be so annoying that I didn't care enough about her to get past the first chapter!



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