Breath tells the story of 50 year old Bruce Pike, a melancholy divorced paramedic. Pike is looking back on his high school days when he learned to surf with his best friend/rival Loonie. The two found themselves being taught by (or groupie to) Sando, a former world class surfer. By the end Pike ends up with far more than he bargained for.

I started reading Breath but found it a hard slog so rather than just give up I took home the audio book and listened to it on my drive to work. I found it got a lot more interesting in the last quarter, much grittier and story driven. I thought the first three quarters were more atmospheric and introspective. But it is a beautifully written book. The language is thoughtful and calculated. Pike is dark and brooding.

This was my first step into Tim Winton’s work; everyone tells me I must read Cloudstreet next.

If you are looking for a very personal read, with beautifully poetic language this could be the book for you. does get a bit confronting at the end.

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I loved the way Bruce Pike looked back on his youth reliving the fear and adrenalin and Tim Winton's beautiful writing, but mostly I loved the fact Pike still surfs and in his words 'does something completely pointless and beautiful, and in this at least he should need no explanation ' - there should be more of it !!
I'm not a massive Winton fan, and cloudstreet failed to win me over. 'The Riders' is however one of my favourite books
I'm the same i.e. not a great Winton fan but unlike you I did like Cloudstreet and like you The Riders is one of my favourite books!



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