I haven't read any other of Karen Chance's novels and reading reviews on Amazon apparently the Cassie Palmer series has some of the characters featured in this book.However if you are into vampires and the Laurell K. Hamilton style of books you will enjoy this without having read any of her previous books.
What attracted me to this book was that it featues Dracula and I read any book with the Count as a main character! He has had such a great and varied body of horror literature written about him since Bram Stoker first introduced him to the world. The story revolves around Dory, a dhampir (a half human half vampire being) the daughter of Mircea, Dracula's older brother who's main occupation is killing vampires.She's a feisty character with a very violent side.She helped imprison Dracula in the late 19th century but he has escaped and her father wants her to capture him again working with the handsome vampire Louis-Cesare.
Plenty of action and supernatural elements such as the Fey, magic, mages and charms are included in the story. There is also a romantic element for fans of paranormal romance.
If you are a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong and Sherrilyn Kenyon you will like this.

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just wondering how scary it is as I love the armstrong and meyer's books but have not been brave enough to try hamilton. which is it more like, hamilton or armstrong, would you say?
Definitely more like Hamilton there is a lot of violence though the early Armstong werewolf books had a fair bit of violence as I recall. There is a lot of magic in this book as well which is not such a strong element in the Hamilton series.



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