Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper

I had to read this book as it is about a librarian who is turned into a vampire in order to save her from death. Being a librarian myself it had an instant appeal to a librarian who loves vampire stories!
Jane is invoved in an accident on her way home from a night at a local bar where she has spent the night getting drunk to drown her sorrows after being fired from her job as Children's Librarian.One of her drinking companions is Gabriel a vampire who follows her home as he is worried about her driving in her drunken state.
Jane is a funny feisty character and the book is quite humorous and it is set in a small town in Kentucky and has shades of the Sookie Stachouse series but funnier.


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Wow a children's librarian named Jane who gets fired from her job and turns into a vampire! Sounds intriguing I might read it and find out why she got fired and if she has more fun as a vampire than as a librarian.
Well she does have more fun as a vampire.
The Library Director is a shocker nothing like the Library Managers at Mosman Library!
Having been a Children's Librarian, and having the name Jane, I feel compelled to read this, even though it's not the style of book I would normally go for.



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