While not enjoying "The Host" quite as much as the Twilight series, I still found "The Host" to be a very engaging read. Aliens have been using human bodies as hosts and now there are hardly any humans left. Wanderer is put into Melanies body but Melanie refuses to fade away completely - so Wanderer becomes increasingly influenced by Melanie. It is an interesting read as you develop empathy for both Wanderer and Melanie; and the tricky situations they must navigate in this new world.

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Is this fiction? I agree, there are hardly any humans left.
Well at first humans didn't realise they were being overtaken but they started to cotton on to the fact when no crimes were being committed and all the movies had happy endings (it turns out that the aliens think we are a violent bunch! Hmmmmmmm, they could have a point there!) "Hosts" have shiny eyes and a scar at the back off the head when they have an alien inside them.....so thats something to look out for Bern!
Sounds somewhat akin to one of the greatest movies of all time http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096256/ ok so it's not a perfect film but the themes are amazing and well presented. If your old enough to watch this film (M rating) and enjoyed The Host I would suggest you watch it if you can find a copy.



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