Book One in the Kingmaker Kingbreaker series,The Innocent Mage is an exciting beginning. A man from an extra large family leaves his fishing village home without telling anybody so he can make his fortune in the capitol Dorana. He only plans on being away a year so he can save enough to buy a boat for him and his father. Things dont go according to plan however and he becomes one of the most powerful "commoners" in the country. This follows the typical "young commoner makes friends with royalty and has powers but doesnt yet know that he is to fulfill an ancient prophecy" line of epic fantasy and is very enjoyable. I was not prepared for the ending of the book though, the last page totally threw me off track and now I have no idea what is going to happen in the second novel. I must start reading it now!

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This author is visiting Galaxy Bookshop in York Street Sydney on Sunday 21 May. You might like to meet her!

Saturday 21st, I think


(It's my birthday :) )

Oooo! How exciting!



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