A few weeks ago a student came to my office with a box of early twentieth century hardback novels and wanted to know if they were worth anything.  I showed him a website for out of print books where he could do his own appraisal by seeing what other dealers were asking for copies of the same works.  He was very grateful, and he returned the next day to give me one of the books whose cover and condition had caught my eye.  It was only worth ten dollars, but it sure was a good read.

Gilbert Charringwood is a soldier of fortune, home to England from having served on the Protestant side during the Thirty Years War.  He has returned to take charge of his nephew and ward who is betrothed to the daughter of Gilbert's love interest of long ago.  The girl, Hillary, is opposed to the match and runs away due to the influence of the evil Count Von Zinkendorf, as nasty a villain as you are likely to encounter in literature.  A chase ensues, and one swashbuckling adventure follows another as this entertaining story races to its conclusion.

I tried to look up information on this author and have come up empty handed.  Apparently this is the only novel Rupert Lorraine ever wrote.  That's too bad, because his style is easy to read, and his character development very believable.  You can order this book as a custom print from a variety of online vendors, and it may be available as an e-book.  Regardless, I highly recommend it.

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I checked on the second hand books website Exlibris and it is worth more than $10.They were even asking AUD$60 for one copy. You might want to sell it!

Thanks for the info.  I have always used addall.com to check book prices, but I suppose I ought to add Exlibris to my arsenal.  All the same, I will likely donate this one to my library; it was a good read.



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