Aug. 26th.

"Leviathan" and "He died with a falafel in his hand." by John Birmingham.

Sept 23rd

"Dancing with Strangers" Inga Clendinnen.

and "True history of the Kelly gang." by Peter Carey.

Oct 28th

"Batavias graveyard" Mike Dash. "Possesion" by A.S. Byatt

Nov 25th

"Eats, shoots, leaves." Lynne Truss and

"The meaning of everything." Simon Winchester, "The name of the Rose" Umberto Eco

Dec 23rd

"Stalingrad" Anthony Beevor. "Dirt Music" Tim Winton/ "Its not about the bike." Lance Armstrong. ;"Five people you meet in heaven" Mitch Albom"


Jan 27th

"Always unreliable" Clive James; "The unbearable lightness of being" Milan Kundera.

Feb 24th

"The ascent of Money" Niall Fergerson. "A hundred years of solitude" Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Mar 24th

"The discomfort zone" Johnathon Franzen; "Bloods a rover." James Ellroy.

April 28th

"The God of small things" Arundahti Roy; "Carry on Jeeves" P.G Wodehouse.

May 26th

"An Australian air ace" Nicky Barr. "The Leopard" Giuseppi Tomasi di Lampusa.

June 23rd

"The Illiad" Homer; "The songs of kings" Barry Unsworth.

Note! Subject to change and/or availability of titles!

Thanks and see you soon!

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