"There's real love in that novel"

I feel that the novel is anchored by Manolis [the Greek patriarch], and by the teenage Connie and Richie [her gay best friend]. These are two generations that offer an optimism. Manolis is my father's generation. He espouses values and beliefs that are outrageous. But he does have a system of honour and I wish we could create a language for it. Also Richie and Connie – I'm sure it happens in the UK – young people are really demonised in the Australian media, but I find that they negotiate relationships now in a way that I find really admirable. There is an acceptance of difference. It's my generation that I think is screwed up. They're selfish, and hypocritical, and that's what I want to reveal.

Worth a read - Aida Edemariam interviews Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap) in the Guardian, Saturday 7 August 2010.

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