Swarup's inventive debut traces the fortunes of Ram Mohammad Thomas from "Asia's biggest slum" to being the first and last winner on the popular quiz show, W3B (Who Will Win a Billion)?

Ram is a poor, uneducated waiter and is arrested after the final episode in the belief that he must have cheated.

Each chapter in Ram's life provided him with a correct answer on the show.

Ram's funny odyssey explores the causes of good and evil and illustrates how, with a little luck, the best man sometimes wins.

A quick and easy read

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Have you seen the movie "Slum Dog Milllionaire" it was based on this book? I really loved it and would recommend it to all.It won a Golden Globe Award for Best Movie.
I loved this book - thank you Sonja for introducing me to it via your reading group. I went to see the film but was thwarted by the long line. From all reports the film follows the book to a tee so I am looking forward to it.
I also enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to his next one Six suspects. Available at the library.
I really enjoyed this book - and I am looking forward to seeing the screenplay interpretation.



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