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Young to middle/older writers of the future.

I am myself, along with LOADS of others, have officially no lives throughout of the month of November, trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Yes, you may call us insane or stupid, if you know one of the writers who does this every November, you might want to get rid of them out of your lives. But this, my readers, is not for the fient hearted. This is for amature writers, some of whom, might do this as a platform to stardom to the world of writing books for you and my pleasure. This… Continue

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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

Thirteen reasons why your love decided to comit suicide. Thirteen reasons why you should know about it. One of the thirteen reasons is because of you. Hannah commited suicide two weeks earlier and all she left was

tapes in a shoebox. Clay found the shoebox and he decided to listen, wanting to finish what he started and why Hannah Baker decided to take her own life.

Thirteen Reasons Why is the debut novel of Jay…


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Anne Frank

Anne Frank's story is one of the most well known Holocaust story. It follows the life of Anne Frank during World War Two, Anne was a jew along with her family, hiding in the Secret Annexe from the Nazis, so they wouldn't be caught. The diary has started 12th June 1942 till 1st August 1944.

I first started reading Anne Frank's Diary last year and finished it quite recently. I knew her fate because Anne Frank was well known and I heard of her before. I was quite interested in…


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Harry Potter - How it changed my life

I got into Harry Potter when I was in year one (so roughly when I was 6 going on 7) and I saw the first movie on the big screen. It made me fell in love with the whole fantasy things (I think the whole Harry Potter thing made me have a big imagination or so called 'horror' by my mum who thinks that my imagination should be smaller not bigger like it is now). I kept watching the films and still I really enjoy it but Í still haven't started reading the books. Until the Spring of 2005 where I…


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