...before I started reading, I was a rather subservient, slow little boy who never really did anything wrong, but never did much right either. Books inspired me to be very naughty indeed...

Alastair Harper is bemused at the prevailing attitude to reading - that it's a wholesome, anodyne activity that will uplift young illiterates who spend all day at myspace and Playstation.

Perhaps a little bit of literature does make you well-mannered. A sprinkling of Austen will probably be fine. But the government should point out that an excess of reading can be very dangerous indeed. Acknowledge that many books are far more horrifying, perverse and immoral than anything in Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps print warning labels on dust jackets. Now, if that happened, a real children's reading revolution would begin!

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Comment by Lindach on February 19, 2009 at 10:32
Please no warning labels on books! The " NANNY STATE" mentality is already controlling our freedom.
Reading has always had that subversive element to it why have so many books been banned through the ages?Remember the Spanish Inquisition and the Vatican book bans and Hitler's book burning escpades. Books contain knowledge and knowledge is power!!!!! I do understand the irony of Alistair Harper's comment but we shouldn't be censoring young people's reading.

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